Monday, October 29, 2007

Why I hate making phone calls

Well, its not so much that I hate making phone calls, its just that every time I call someone things always seem to go wrong. For some reason I can never recognize the voice of the person who picks up the phone. I don't know why. There is face blindness, and there is phone voice blindness. And for people who have face blindness, you know how hard it can be. Sometimes regardless of who picks up the phone, I ask if I can speak to the person whom I wish to talk to. Other times, I think I know who it is and just start talking while the other person is confused as hell. Then I realize my mistake, quickly hang up, and sit in a corner and feel stupid. This could last anywhere from 10 minutes to many many hours until I can finally move on. A recent example:

*dials number*.....
Mysterious Voice: Hello?
Me: Hey, whats up?
Mysterious Voice: Uh... hi?
Me: So.. whats going on?
Mysterious Voice: Who is this?
Me: Oh, what.. Err.. this is Gary.*Now I start to panic* Uhh... are you Chris, is Chris there?
Mysterious Voice: (What I Heard) This is his girlfriend. (What he really said) He is with his girlfriend.
Me: *Thinking he said the former, as a joke* Very funny, you are not.
Mysterious Voice: What?
Me: Oh, you said.. He is with his girlfriend?
Mysterious Voice: Yeah.
Me: Oh, well I don't know when to call back. I'm just calling to say happy birthday, because its his birthday today, if you can just tell him I called.
Mysterious Voice: Ok, I'll tell him you called.

So, who was this mysterious voice? It was his dad. I thought about it after the call, and it definitely sounded like his voice. My friend has some brothers too, which is why I was confused at first. I thought it might have been one of his brothers who had answered the phone. They like to joke around, which is why I heard "this is his girlfriend" and didn't think much about it. I'm sure his dad doesn't have that kind of sense of humor. Overall, that was a pretty awkward call, which is the point I'm trying to make. Now I feel like sitting in that corner. I don't know, maybe I am thinking too much into this? Maybe I just need to work on my communication skills a little more. Oh well, whatever.


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Holly said...

I agree with you and would like to never have a phone conversation ever again. Can't people just come visit me if they want to tell me something? Is that really too much to ask.

Money Moose said...

That's why I prefer telegrams stop

Anonymous said...

Money Moose.... thats funny dude.