Wednesday, October 3, 2007

18 at last, hooray!

A few days ago I finally turned 18. What a wonderful day it was. I finally feel like an adult. Just think of all the new things I will be able to do now:

  • After years of waiting I will finally be able to sit at the adult table. No longer will I have to endure sitting at a small crummy little table discussing the latest episode of Spongebob. I can sit with the adults and laugh along with them, all the while realizing that eventually I will be going through all the aspects of adult life: credit card debt, hair loss, and living alone.
  • Now I can click on all those "must be 18 to click" banner ads that always look so tantalizing.
  • I can finally buy that steam iron that I've always wanted.
  • Now I can finally vote!( But I probably never will)
But now that I think about it.... I don't really want to be 18. All these new responsibilities and expectations people have of you. Who wants any of that? I certainly don't. Sure, you can get married and purchase cigarettes. But in many states you can get married at an earlier age anyway so it doesn't matter. And cigarettes are only good for you when you are under 17 and you know you can stop at any time but you just don't feel like it. Once you hit 18 you realize it is a life-long addiction and in the long run you are slowly killing yourself. But hey, thats just how I feel about it.

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