Friday, October 19, 2007

Fire alarms, pizza, and copy machines

Lets see... Lots of interesting stuff going on.

  • First, I stayed up 'till 2 a.m Wednesday working on a term paper. Ugh. Procrastination is the worst. I think procrastination should be classified as a mental illness. I think it would be fair to say about someone, "I'm afraid there is nothing we can do for him, m'am. He is suffering from a very serious case of procrastination." And then maybe in ten or twenty years they will develop a vaccine. Yeah, right.
  • Anyway, the next morning I got to college early so I could photocopy all my sources. As usual, I had some trouble with the copy machine. Sometimes the pages came out with words cut off from either the top of the page or the left side. At other times the damn thing spit out a huge sheet that had both pages of the book on it when I only wanted to copy one. Eventually the copy machine got jammed so I went on to the one next to it. Things were going well until a man and a girl came over to use the jammed machine. Naturally, I didn't say anything as they unsuspectingly came up to it and attempted to use it. Very soon they realized something wasn't working and tried to figure out what was wrong with it. As for me, I innocently stood there copying my pages, trying to ignore them. What was I supposed to say? "Uhh.. yeah, hey, I broke that one. Sorry". They even asked me if I knew anything about copying machines. I said I didn't. But they got it working in the end.
  • Thursday was also health day at the college. They were giving massages and handing out some free stuff, like deodorant and tampons, for which there was a big line. They were also giving out Italian ices and pizza. Pizza, of all foods to give out on health day. Thats just something that puzzled me. Well, actually they give out pizza at every event, but this time it just didn't seem to fit. But I guess pizza is pretty much a universal food. It can be served on any occasion. Hanukkah? Pizza. Thanksgiving? Pizza. Weddings? Screw the shrimp cocktails, bring on the pizza! But what about funerals? Damn right, there better be pizza. Well, you get the point.
  • And finally, someone allegedly pulled the fire alarm during my science class. Ridiculous isn't it? We are in college and someone is still pulling the fire alarm. I heard that when you pull the alarm it sprays ink onto your hand. Thats pretty cool, but thats not really useful. What if the perpetrator simply puts their hands in their pocket? Or, what if he has already foreseen this scenario and has some moist towelettes ready for quick ink removal? That just doesn't work. What they really need to do is lace the handle with a flesh-eating bacteria. Ha, lets see anyone try and wash that off. This will easily expose the perpetrator. All you have to do is look for the guy with the nasty dilapidated hand.
Well thats all for now, part 2 of my story will be posted soon if anyone cares.


OneGirl said...

I found your blog via bloggeries and I like it! I totally agree with you about the pulling of the fire alarm in college. Way to prove you just aren't ready to live on your own, bozo. Flesh eating bacteria... there's an idea. I like it!

Great blog - I'll definitely be back. :)

Gary said...

cool, thanks for the feedback :)

Rosalba said...

Keep up the good work.

justin albert said...

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