Monday, October 8, 2007

What the People are Saying

Although this blog is fairly new, I have already gotten some emails from people telling me what they think of my blog. And.... well, some of the comments are a bit disheartening, some are nice, and some are just plain bizarre. Here is what the people have been saying:

  • "Dude, cool blog yo. Rock on!" - Timmy G. Thanks Tim, I appreciate that.
  • "Ok, so its like this. I like what yur saying, but like, what does it all mean? What does anything mean? wHY are we even here? Damn... im high right now. peace. - Michael B. Ok.. well.. thanks for the kind words Mike.
  • "I'm stealing all of your ideas for my next book and there isn't anything you can do about it! Ha!" - Brad Writerson. Ok. Its going to be a pretty crappy book though.
  • "Hi, very best blog! I recommend Vanx Brand penis enlargement pills. They are cheapest and work great!" - No name. So... to which of my posts is this referring to?
  • "Your blog arouses me sexually" - Tina. Hmm.. not quite sure how to take this one.
  • "OMFGlolpenisvaginaXoXOxo" - Glen. Uhhh... Thanks?
It pretty much goes downhill from there. The rest are mostly incoherent and/or are advertisements for various enhancement drugs.So now it feels like all of this is going to waste. But hopefully not. Maybe there are real people out there reading this. People who care. People who can express themselves in a fashion that doesn't include nonsensical phrases and profanities. Hey, a guy can dream.


Wolfbernz said...

Hi Gary, I can't publish your post because the title redirects to your post here. I can't even get to the admin panel for your post to publish it. Maybe if you login and remove the redirect title and add your post in the body not the redirect title it will fix.
All the best

OneGirl said...

Hey, don't feel bad; the only comment I have so far is from a friend of mine. :) It'll pick up. In the meantime, try some off-brand Cialis at my website. ;)