Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you could interview God.....

Well, this really feels like a professional blog now, because, for no reason whatsoever, I am going to promote a book. This book sounds like a really great read. It's called "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)" by Louie Lawent. Here is a neat description of the book: Are the days of "God speaks to Man" a relic of the past? Not according to Louie Lawent, who at the turn of the new millennium landed a series of exclusive interviews with The Supreme Being. Louie grills God about his checkered career, but it's done benignly and a frustrated Creator makes a good case for himself - well, most of the time. The interviews cover biblical happenings, His propensity to smite, evolution, pop culture, and a God who believes He's the victim of a disinformation campaign. It's "The Far Side" meets "The Thinker" meets the "Frat Boy." A God who considered creation "a good day in the hood."

What Hollywood director would God choose to direct his life story? What part do the Three Stooges play in the Rapture? What about his pet peeves? How do Americans amaze God? What's his favorite political joke? Did the aliens really land at Roswell? A God not exactly enamored by the human race.

Louie: What is your real opinion of people?

God: They're like radio songs that are fine for the car ride home, but you'd never purchase them to be part of your master collection.

Louie: Do you have a guidebook to help make your decisions on Judgment

God: The Starr Report is any good God's starting point.

God remarks, "I don't think I could be elected God. I'd lose to some would-be savior who said, 'Read my lips - No more sense of shame.' We have occasional pep rallies in heaven. While years ago they sang rousing psalms of 'God for eternity' now I get a qualified endorsement of '4 more years, 4 more years.'"

Also, I got an exclusive e-mail interview with the man himself who interviewed the man himself:

First, the basic question. What inspired you to write this book?
"I'm probably no different than many people in that I've wondered if there truly is a God. Do we believe in the truthfulness of the writers of the bible. Science tells us the world is 13 to 14 billion years old, while the bible tells us that the world is less than 7000 years old. How can this be reconciled? I find it interesting that in the 2nd Epistle general of Peter, a verse says "For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty." So, even then there were concerns of whether fact or fiction was in play. But, in addition to my deep philosophical questions, I've always had an absurd sense of humor so the thought of combining my interest in God and the craziness of our world proved irresistible."

When you first contacted God, how did he feel about the interview?
"First of all, it took forever to talk to Him. I had to jump through a lot of hoops. I was vetted by His investigators, but eventually I won them over. God wanted an advance copy of the questions but I was firm and told him "Louie don't play that." He was concerned that the intent of the interview was to show Him in a bad light. I assured him that I simply wanted Him to have a forum to express His views. It was either me or the NY Times and He knew he'd get a fairer hearing from me. He was fed up with their editorials."

Before the interview, what were your expectations? In the end, did it turn out how you expected, or did you get some surprises?
"One thing that surprised me was His description of what He looked like when He was born. It was shocking. Your readers will have to find out for themselves once they read the book. I don't want to spoil it for them."

How was it interviewing the big guy himself? Were you a little starstruck at first?
"Yes I was starstruck. The biggest interview I snared before this was a slow-moving milkman with a bad case of fungus."

In your interview with God, did he at all mention Jesus? What has he been up to these days besides appearing in fence posts and sandwiches? Whats the deal with that anyway?
"Jesus is on a sabbatical. As far as the fenceposts, God had no comment."

How do you think people will view God after reading this book? Do you think their opinion will change, and if so for better or for worse?
"I think people will have a deeper belief in God. They will see how tough the Big Guy has it. He gets grief from all sides."

Now that you've interviewed God, who will be next on your list? Maybe....Satan perhaps?
"The milkman's wife."

And thats pretty much it. Exciting stuff, I think. So if you are interested, go and check out his book.

Bio & Book Info: Louie is also the author of "Gerty the Pig". A co-written pop rock song of his, entitled "Pop Star" (performed & co-written by Billy Livesay) is currently being played on U.S. radio stations. "The Louie/God Interviews (What The Big Fella Really Thinks About Man And The Universe)" is available online at Amazon and Barnes&Noble and may be ordered at your local book store. Check out his myspace page at

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