Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Global Warming - The Silent Killer

This is a rough draft of my paper on global warming. Enjoy.

The environment is a serious issue which should not be taken lightly. Without the environment, many life-forms would not be able to exist, including humans. Humans need the environment to survive, but paradoxilicilaly they are also destroying it. One aspect of the environment that is being destroyed is the atmosphere. This destruction of the atmosphere can be called Global Warming (dun dun dun… scary music). Global warming is the warming of the global temperature. (This is all I can think of, so here is the thesis statement.) The future effects of global warming on the environment could be devastating if the U.S and other developed countries do not take certain measures to reduce emissions of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.
What is global warming? Repeating myself, global warming is the warming of the earth’s global temperature. Once again, for clarification, it is the warming of the earth’s global temperature. Al Gore did a documentary on Global Warming (dun dun dun.. scary music) called “An inconvenient truth”. In this documentary, Al Gore talks about this phenomenon and discusses its effects. During the movie, he rode in this really cool elevator thing which he used to show how high the temperatures went up over a long period of time. He went up pretty high, so that’s saying something. There is also something called the greenhouse effect. This effect demonstrates the basics of Global Warming (dun dun dun.. scary music). So, here is the way this works. It really is pretty simple. Not a hard concept to grasp. In this greenhouse effect, there is a glass house( in which, as you know, stone throwing is discouraged) and in this glass house are various plants. The sun heats up the inside of the house, and the glass keeps the hot air from escaping. This is how global warming works, only humans are the plants. But what are the plants then? Well, that is a subject for a different paper. Now that you understand the concepts of Global Warming (dun dun dun.. scary music) I will discuss how it affects us humans and animals and other stuff too.
What sorts of things has global warming affected? Well, as Al Gore stated,"Global warming will be the greatest environmental challenge in the 21st century." In my opinion, I agree with this statement. Anyway, what has global warming affected? For one thing, it has melted the ice caps( icecaps.com). It has also melted a lot of icebergs and such. This is both good and bad. A good thing is that now we can have another Titanic and not have to worry about hitting an iceberg. But a bad thing is that the ice melts into water, which adds to the water already there and this could cause floods and thousands dead(that was a sentence fragment, and no, I will not consider revising it). Another thing global warming affects is weather. Some sources say global warming has resulted in stronger storms. This is evidenced by the stronger storms we have had in recent years. Also,(insert some data and statistics here). This basically proves everything I have stated so far.
Global warming also has serious effects on other things as well. One of these seriously affected things is animals/plants. How exactly does global warming affect these things? Well, for one thing, the flooding in Antarctica due to global warming has already drowned thousands of penguins and polar bears. Think of all those poor penguins. Their life is hard enough as it is, what with having to make a trip all the way across Antarctica to birth their babies, and then this global warming happens and makes things even harder.
Not only are animals affected, but plants are affected as well. Some plants can only thrive in a certain climate. Because of global warming, the temperature rises and the plants either have to adapt or they die out. This in turn causes a domino effect. If the plants die, then the animals who eat those plants die as well. The natural balance of nature is disturbed, which causes a wormhole to open up in the middle of the earth and suck everything into it.
What are some possible ways to combat global warming? Well, physically there is no way, because global warming is not a single entity. But there may be ways to thwart global warming by not giving it what it feeds on. Namely, carbons dioxide. More and more of these carbons are entering the atmosphere and feeding global warming. Global warming in turn digests this and excretes a gas which traps heat. Once we stop feeding global warming, it will shrivel up and die. So, where does global warming get its nourishment? From us humans, of course. From our cars, our power stations, and aerosol cans. If we can find a ways to regulate the expansion of these gases, maybe we could stop global warming in its tracks, and eventually run it off the tracks and into a ditch from which it will never be able to get out of.
In conclusion, everything I said is true and was in no way made up, fabricated, or exaggerated. If you don’t believe me, just look/go to www.google.com and look it up. Its all there.


DeliriousGA said...

Before turning it in, I would do a little more research. Several things in Al Gore's "documentary" have been proven to be completely false. Also, when he talks about buying "carbon credits", it's another inconvenient truth that he happens to be an owner of the company through which such credits are purchased. He stands to make millions through his company so using him as a resource is like using a tobacco company to research and show cigarettes are safe. Having a financial interest in the outcome makes his "research" invalid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous comment. Also, you're a terrible writer; give up now. Please stop defiling your language in such a perverse and detestable manner, you sick fuck.

Anonymous said...

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