Monday, November 12, 2007

Weird Art

I've decided I'm going to try something new, which I like to call 'weird art'. Every week I am going to make some sort of weird or abstract thing, call it art, and post it here. For anyone reading this, participation is encouraged. Have some fun and unleash your creativity for once! Make something random and crazy, send it in and I'll post it here, along with a link to your blog or website if you have one. Anything can be considered art, as long as you put a little effort into it. So, here it is, the very first piece of 'Weird Art'.


michaelwood59 said...

hi, liked your blog. weird but really funny. i showed it to my asawa and she liked it too. its good to make people laugh nowadays. with all the trouble in this world we need more laughing to remind us not to take things so serious. thanks and i hope you can view my blog as well ass my wifes blog. my name is michael and my wife is jerlalou. im american but my wife is filipina. take care

Gary said...

Cool,thanks for stopping by! I'm glad I can provide laughter in these troubled times. I'll be sure check out your guy's blogs.

Will said...

Looks like "The Devil's Apple," to me.

~~(Suggested title,
from a blogger formerly known as,

I'll drop in again.
Thanks for lessening my boredom.


vin said...

looks like a giant ant's head to me. ^_^

suchsimplepleasures said...

wow...all you need is a lightening bolt and's alive! alive!
funny stuff!

Lola Magnolia said...

Interesting. I like abstract art, it's my favorite kind actually. But all art needs to be titled. How 'bout "Fork That"?!

Steph said...

a moose head that vegetarians can enjoy.

izzydizzy said...

haha this is hilarious :( thank u for curing my boredom!!