Monday, November 19, 2007

New! I am going to do live broadcasts!

Hey, anyone that is reading this. I am going to try out something new I haven't seen a lot of bloggers do. From time to time I'm going to go live on my webcam, and you can see it right here on my blog, at the top of this page. This is going to be pretty fun to try out. For anyone on the blog now, can you see the video? Also, I'd like some feedback as to what I can do. Right now I have just been talking about a whole bunch of nonsense, really. Hmm... Thats all really, enjoy the live video!


Lola Magnolia said...

All I see is a cat with it's head missing. I assume it's in the tissue box but I can't be sure because I can't see it. ;)

Meghna said...

Hi gary,
I always have a good laugh when I visit your blog1 I agre with Lola. that's all what I can see too!

A Suspicious Man said...

Hi there :) Will look forward to your next broadcast