Friday, November 2, 2007

Nothing but stupid.....

Is pretty much how I am feeling right now. Ugh... Does nothing ever go right for me? I think I should call this blog "everything is crap and nothing ever goes right". I think I would break 100 posts before the month is even over if that was the theme. Hmm... Maybe I should explain why I am feeling this way right now. Its a bit strange really, how it started. Well, a few days ago I had a dream about a girl I knew from high school. Dreams are a funny thing, aren't they? I forgot about this girl a long time ago. She was in one of my classes in junior year and we were in a SAT class together for a few weeks. We didn't really have much interaction. So, randomly I have this dream where she and I hang out. At least I think it was her. I don't know why, but this dream gave me a really funny feeling, and all of a sudden I really liked her. So, I tried to find her on myspace. No luck there, even though she once told me she had one. Eventually I found her on facebook and sent her a message. Then I looked at her profile. One thing I noticed was her college graduation year was listed as '10. So, when I was in my junior year she was already in her senior year, which I didn't know at the time. Well, the deal breaker came when I saw it said she was engaged. Well, now I feel stupid for even bothering to contact her. Its weird though, that feeling left after I found her facebook, but before I read any of her info. I guess its because my memory of that dream is so vague now. But I only found this out after I had contacted her. But seriously though, doesn't she read the statistics? Engaged at 19 or 20? Marriage at that age only leads to a very quick divorce. And thats not a lie, there have been many studies that have shown this to be true. Well, I just feel like an idiot now. Why did I even bother? She is at a completely different point in her life than I am. Anyway... this was just a pointless rant to vent my frustration. Its nice when you can do that sometimes. I will try and write something funny in the next few days. But if anyone has any advice on how to end this, I would appreciate it. She replied to my message, and said she couldn't remember who I was. So I put up a picture myself, and told her I did so. So far, she hasn't replied. Maybe she still won't remember me, and it can end there.

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