Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Writing Process

Writing an essay is not always easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce an effective and well written paper. Sometimes, its almost impossible to simply get started with some random ideas. Thats why before I work on any essay or writing assignment,I like to just put a few brainstorm-type-sentences out there and see where it gets me. Even if the start is terrible, I can edit it later, once I have a coherent train of thought going. This is what I am going to do now, for a short essay on the question: "should we obey an immoral law?".

Laws may serve many purposes. Generally, they are put in place to protect the public and keep order within a society. Keeping order within a society, thats important. Otherwise, you would have people doing whatever the crap they wanna do and getting away with it. Like the law against public nudity. Hell, if we didn't have that people would be running around naked left and right. There would be panic and chaos in the streets. Children's eyes would bleed right out of their sockets at the sight of it all. (Insert Thesis statement here)
First, what constitutes an immoral law? It could be a law that seems wrong or unjus..tice league was a pretty cool cartoon. I remember, there was like, Batman, Greenlantern, Superman, Superwoman(or is it wonderwoman?I don't really know) that guy who flashes people, and maybe some others.(Insert some examples, followed by their significance) They used to get into some crazy situations, like this one time a super genius monkey used some kind of mind control device to take control of everyone's minds. But superman showed him what for, he punched right through that monkey head and ripped out his brain, and then ate it. In the subsequent episodes, Superman is shown to have serious heartburn due his consumption of the brain.

In conclusion, if you feel a law is wrong is unjust, you shouldn’t have to obey it. Sometimes it is
important to stand up for what you believe in, because it may make a change for the
better. Rosa Parks disobeyed the law, and as a result helped the movement to end
segregation. The law is the law, but if it imposes on the rights of you or others, would
you just sit by and obey, or would you fight for those rights that everyone deserves?

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