Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lots of Random thoughts

  • Ugh.. Got the transmission fluid changed in my car recently at the suggestion of the mechanic, now there is transmission fluid leaking all over the place. Every time I go back there , they tell me its residual, clean the leaky area, and reassure me it won't happen again. Are these guys bastards or what?
  • I really need a job... but what should I do? I don't want to go the typical route and work at some store as the bag boy. Plus, I put in an applications in a few places, and never got a call back. I saw some ads for movie extras. 100-300 a day, thats pretty good. I think I'd like to try that out. I would kind of stand out though. Maybe they can find a better role for me. I read somewhere that they sometimes look for older people that look younger, so when they play kid roles its not obvious the actors are over 40. Maybe I'll call tomorrow.
  • Sweet, got a 90 on the first science exam. I checked online today. I am glad I did well, I studied for like an hour. Its funny, the class average is a 66.6. Pretty sad really, it wasn't a hard test. 33 questions, most of them multiple choice and matching. I had another test today, in history. It was a bit of a challenge, 55 multiple choice questions, 5 of them bonus questions. Not sure how many I got wrong, but I know I got all of the bonus questions right. Hopefully I did well.
  • I heard about that UF student who got tasered at a question and answer session with John Kerry. Lots of conflicting opinions. Some say he was guilty of being disruptive and resisting police when they asked him to step away from the mic. Others say it was a violation of his right to free speech. Either way, that video was pretty damn hilarious.
  • One last thing, I'm pretty disappointed about a voice mail that got deleted. It was a really weird message from some woman. She mentioned something about being alone in a big dark room listening to Michael Jackson. I wanted to put it into my computer but I couldn't figure out how. I just figured out how to do it today, but the message got deleted because it can only stay in the archives for a certain length of time. Oh well... at least the next time I get a weird voice mail I'll know what to do.

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