Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little about myself

Hmmm... Its interesting, how much anonymity the internet can give you. Anyone can say anything, and it can be difficult to find out who that person really is. No one can know for sure who you really are, except the people who actually know you in real life. I can pretend to be anyone I want to be, and no one would ever know. But why be dishonest? Sure I'd be fooling everyone, but what do I gain from this? Pretending to be a millionaire won't make a me a millionaire. Having said that, where do I start? Well, I am around 6ft 1, 170lbs, slightly muscular. Ha, in some fairy-tale dreamland maybe. No, I wouldn't even come close to that description. In reality I am only about 5ft 2, 100lbs. For a typical male, someone around that height would be around 11, maybe 12, right? Most people just by looking at me would never guess I was almost 18. On other significantly short people you can tell their age, because their short stature is due to some obvious medical condition, such as dwarfism. They are short but still look older. For me, it is a little different. As far as I know, I don't have any medical condition, except for maybe a growth hormone deficiency, which I was once tested for but the results came back negative.
This is where things become a little difficult, being constantly mistaken and often times treated like an 11-year old. Everywhere I go I am always treated like a child.At restaurants I am often offered a kids' menu that comes with those little crayons. Oftentimes this offends me, but I do enjoy coloring and it helps pass the time while the adults just sit there. There are lots of other things that make me feel way younger than I should be. My feet are small, for instance, and you know what that means. I have to look for shoes in the childrens' section, amidst all the stupid crying kids who wanted the shoes with those lights on the sides of the sneaker or the ones with the gay cowboys. This also goes for clothing. Sometimes I don't mind the kids' section as much. Its so vibrant and colorful, compared to the boring blacks and grays of the adult section.
Sometimes, being in some places or situations automatically gives me an age minimum. If I go to an R-rated movie, for example, people would assume me to be at least 17( by myself I mean). The same would go for school situations, right? Well, not really. Many people when I was in high school thought I was some 12-year old prodigy who skipped a bunch of grades. This is stereotyping, which I really did not appreciate. Even though it isn't a bad stereotype, I don't like it, just as Asians don't like to be stereotyped as being good at math, and just as blacks don't like to be stereotyped as being good athletes, good dancers, rapists, thiefs, gang members, lazy, liking kfc chicken, etc.
Whew.. That was a lot to say. You pretty much understand the point I am trying to make and my situation. At least I hope so. I know some of what I wrote probably doesn't make much sense. I'll try for that next time. Anyway, this is pretty much it as far as an introduction on myself. I don't really feel like writing anymore because this thing is long enough as it is. So, thats all for now. Cheers.

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