Monday, November 17, 2008

What is the Formula for Success?

Alright, I've been thinking a lot lately. Which is good, because I don't get to do too much of that most of the time(hence the lack of consistent posting). What is it I have been thinking about you ask? The formula for Success(Ok, I guess that was obvious from the title). Why do some people become millionaires, and others retail workers? What does it take become more than average, to do what you want in life and be happy? What does it even mean to be successful? Maybe some people are just lucky. Perhaps they simply have something that we don't. Like that smart kid in class who gets A's on every test and always knows the answer to every question.

And then I realised something. It's exactly that kind of thinking that gets you nowhere. Accepting what you have and thinking you will never be able to achieve more. Its like when you look at a seemingly impossible math problem and just accept that you can't figure it out. You give up before you even try, or you try and then give up because you can't figure it out at first. So, what must you do to be able to achieve your goals? Beleive you can do it. Remove the doubts and blocks in your mind that tell you you can't. Only then will you be able to move forward. And if you fail the first time, don't accept defeat. Keep trying until you get it. Never think to yourself, "this is impossible". By doing so, you have already failed.

This is stuff you probably heard or read somewhere else, or figured out for yourself already, but you still haven't gotten anywhere. I feel that the best way to start is to work on little challenges. Try something you have never done before, so you can feel what it is like when you are able to master it. I did this with a rubix cube. Many people have one but have probably never been able to solve it, because they see it as mysterious and impossible(or they are just too lazy to learn how to do it). I decided to challenge myself by learning how to solve it. So, I looked it up online, practiced everyday when I had some spare time, and what used to take me an hour I can now do in about three minutes. All it took was looking up the formulas, applying them, and then memorizing them so I could solve it quickly.

So, here is your first challenge. Learn to solve the rubix cube in three minutes or less, without having to use a cheat sheet. And then from there... well, anything is possible. I guess the three main parts to success are as follows:

  • Set your goals
  • Beleive you can do it
  • Never give up
Oh crap....Ok, thats the end of my rant. I just remembered I have a bunch of papers I need to write or I'm screwed. Peace.


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